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Support a Beagle in Medical Crisis

Some of our Arizona Beagle Rescue fosters are on "medical leave". Meaning they cannot be put up for adoption until their medical conditions are given proper attention. It takes medication, surgery, physical therapy and sometimes, a long retraining and recovery time before they can be medically cleared and available for adoption.

The cost of some of the food, medications and surgeries can be extensive and at times, AZBR does not have enough funds to cover the charges right away.

This is where we need YOUR help! Your donation helps us fill in the medical gaps where and when needed. It also helps us raise the funds needed ahead for non-life threatening treatments.

Thank you for your contribution and generous heart.

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Be Jamie's Knee Sponsor!

Raise your hand if you know a human or dog who has had knee surgery 🙋🏼‍♀️

Dogs can injury their CCL which is the human equivalent of an ACL. This can happen due to degeneration and arthritis of the ligament, running and jumping and landing funny or sometimes things just happen!

Just like humans, dogs have different surgical options.

Jameson here has been under the care of AZBR since January 2020. In his time with us he has lost 20 lbs off his 100 pound frame and has been learning good nutritional habits, getting on an exercise plan, and clowning around with this foster brothers.

Unfortunately Jameson cannot walk right now and the vet has confirmed that he has two bad knees (one with a partial tear of his CCL and the other a complete tear). For those of you have been through a torn ACL, you know your knee hurts!

The surgical procedure Jameson needs to have done first is a TPLO (tibial plateau leveling osteotomy). Basically some bone will be shaved down and a plate and screws will stabilize the joint (same kind of plates and screws that would be used in a human!)

The estimate for surgery on both knees alone will easily be greater than $5,000.

We would like to find a donor that would fully sponsor Jameson's surgical bills, pain management and physical therapy as he recovers from surgery. Please contact us at

We understand the world is going through some crazy times right now.

If you would like to donate a partial amount in sponsorship of Jameson, you may do so using the button or QR code below or go to this specific Paypal donation link:

AZBR wants Jameson to be pain free and mobile again so we can get back on his exercise plan and continue to be the happy, healthy young beagle he deserves to be.

Thank you for your generosity and kindness.

Jameson Knee Donation QR Code
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"Collars for Jameson & the Beagles" Fundraising Event

Arizona Beagle Rescue is teaming up with Long Dog Lady (a dog collar and leash small business) for a virtual fundraising event.

To see all available collars please visit

Leashes are included in fundraiser too! There is a section that is called “Bring on the Hounds” that has many of the #Snoopy collars.

If you look though the site you can of course pick from any designs!

Almost all collars are 1” wide for the beagles and medium is the best size for most.

Medium collars are 14-20” and cost $13.50

Large collars are 18-24 and cost $14.50

Shipping is approximately $4 (Long Dog Lady will ship internationally, send message directly to them for details).

This event will take place May 1- May 31.

AZBR will get all funds minus Paypal fees and shipping.

Long Dog Lady asked us to do the following: *Please put in in message to seller Jameson/AZBR that way she knows to give credit to AZBR