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Tags For Hope

Tags For Hope donates 35% of each purchase back to the rescue!

Share inspiring stories about specific pets under your care and how you were able to help them.

The Tags For Hope team will choose the most inspiring and incredible stories and include them with their shipment packaging.

Each time one of your stories is chosen and featured by TagsForHope, you will earn a $300 donation to help your organization!

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DNA My Dog Affiliate Program

Discover what makes your furry friend so unique. Learn more about the breed traits, ancestry and allergies that makes your dog who they are so you can better understand every bark and wag.

Starting at $79.99, DNA My Dog's Breed ID Tests are the most affordable and comprehensive dog DNA test on the market. These kits offer a complete breed breakdown, highlights genetic health concerns and personality traits, shares bonding ideas for you and your dog and much more. These services utilize an extensive database of over 350 breeds and feature next-generation CNV genetic technology.

Starting at $107.99, the DNA My Dog Canine Allergy Test helps dog owners discover over 120 potential allergens for dogs. It tests for food intolerances, environmental sensitivities, and household allergens. It analyzes the glycoproteins, proteins, hormones, and other components found in your dog’s sample to detect allergens and sensitivities. This is done through using a testing method known as the enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA).

These tests can be done completely at home without having to visit your vet, and you can have the results back in as little as a month.

After DNA My Dog finishes analyzing your dog’s sample, you’ll receive an email that notifies you that the results are available. You can view the results through your online account and can also download and print a PDF of the results.

Every time a sale is generated using our unique affiliate link, we will earn a $12.00 commission per product sold. Purchaser has 30 days to follow through with the purchase in order for AZBR to be credited with the sale.