Arizona Beagle Rescue relies on donations from volunteers, adopters, and everyone interested in helping us fulfill our mission of saving homeless beagles throughout Arizona and beyond. Often, we have a specific need which requires us to raise extra money. AZBR has helped beagles win their battle against cancer, overcome the blind world of cataracts, and find freedom from puppy mills. Our various ways to donate have enabled fellow beagle lovers to donate thousands of dollars to beagles in their transition to their forever homes. Arizona Beagle Rescue greatly appreciates the continued support to this wonderful organization of which we are so proud.

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We’re always looking for foster homes across Arizona for our Beagles.

Since we have no shelter of our own, we rely on loving people to take in rescued dogs and care for them until the dog can be matched with a family.

We are very much in need of families throughout the state, from Flagstaff to Tucson and everywhere in-between! However, our greatest need remains in Maricopa County.

The only requirement is the ability to care for a dog on a temporary basis, in a loving environment that is fully fenced and secure.

  • Every day in thousands of homes across the country, foster families are quietly saving the lives of animals in need by opening their hearts and homes on a temporary basis.
  • Help save their lives by volunteering to provide foster care to beagles that desperately need your help!
  • As a foster, you will receive the unconditional love of your foster, the gratitude of Arizona Beagle Rescue for helping us to continue saving beagles, and the joy of knowing that you made a difference in not only a beagle’s life, but in the life of an adoptive family!

Can you please help save the life of a Beagle?

If you have adopted from AZBR in the past, please seriously consider fostering for us! You already know the benefits of our foster program and your beagle experience would be a tremendous asset to our beagles in need. Each week there are beagles in Arizona, who will be euthanized if Arizona Beagle Rescue does not save them and fosters do not come forward to provide them respite.

Still have questions? CLICK HERE to learn more about becoming a Foster Parent or apply now and become a Beagle foster parent today!

It is one of the most rewarding ways you can help!


Without our dedicated volunteers across Arizona, AZBR could not continue to rescue and re-home beagles in need. AZBR does not have a shelter facility. Rather, the beagles we rescue are cared for in the homes of our volunteers until the right home is found for each dog. AZBR has volunteers located throughout Arizona and we’re always in need of more people to help us continue to save lives. Here is a list of some positions that you can volunteer for.

Don’t be Shy! If you don’t know how to perform a task, we will train you.

Learn more about our volunteer needs, fill out the volunteer form and let us know your interests!

Vacant Volunteer Positions

Artists/Craft Enthusiasts


Community Awareness

County Shelter Checkers


Events Coordinator

Event Hosts

Evaluating Dogs

Fundraising Coordinator


Grant Writing

Home Visitors

Kennel Crew

Adoption & Intake Assistance

Newsletter Assistant

Partner Vets


Public Relations

Special Projects

State-wide potential fosters & adopters


Transporting Beagles

Graphic Design