Adoption Process

Application Information

AZBR requests a $5 application fee

You may pay through Paypal or send the application fee via check to our mailing address:

Arizona Beagle Rescue

PO Box 61193

Phoenix, AZ 85082-1193

We appreciate your understanding as AZBR continues to make every effort to save all beagles in need of a home.

Arizona Beagle Rescue is proud to be able to to have so many wonderful beagles coming through our organization. Your patience with our adoption process is very much appreciated! Please follow the steps below to start on your way to helping save a life.

1. Complete and Submit: To apply instantly and submit online, please CLICK HERE. Please fill out the form in its entirety. (Alternatively, you may download the adoption application in PDF format. If you use the PDF format, please save to your computer and email to If you choose to print and fill out the form by hand, please mail to AZBR at PO Box 61193, Phoenix, AZ 85082-1193.

2. Home Visit: Our Home Visit Coordinator will contact you to set up a home visit. Please know that most of our adoptions are in-state (Arizona) due to the need for a home visit and our commitment to take back any of our alumni should the need arise. In some cases neighboring states may be considered. This is for the safety and well-being of our dogs.

3. Discuss with our Adoption Coordinator: After an APPROVED home visit and application, our Adoption Coordinator will contact you to begin the selection process.

4. Meet the Fosters: Set up a time to meet with one of our foster dogs, or join us at one of our adoption events.

5. Make the Match: Once you have selected the beagle that stole your heart, our Adoption Coordinator will complete your application process with an adoption contract.

6. Happily Ever After: Set up a time with the foster parent to pick up your new family member.

Below is a list of fees associated with the adoption of one of our beagles. Please keep in mind the adoption fee does not cover AZBR's costs to rescue and care for a beagle prior to adoption. Therefore, AZBR relies on donations from the public to make up the difference. AZBR is a non-profit organization and all adoption fees and donations go directly to the beagles we continue to rescue.

Adoption Fee Donations (Effective 09/01/17)

birth - 6 months..........................................$350

6 months - 2 year old................................$300

3 - 4 year old ...............................................$250

5 - 6 year old................................................$200

7 - 8 year old................................................$150

9+ year old...................................................$100

Previous Adopter and Multiple Dog Adoption Incentives Available

This adoption fee helps provide, but not limited to:

  • Spay or Neuter ($70 to $100)
  • DHLP Vaccination ($15 to $20)
  • Rabies vaccination ($25)
  • Microchip & pre-paid registration ($50 to $75)
  • AZBR identification tag ($7)
  • A dental cleaning on any dog with excessive tarter build up that is considered to be a health concern, determined by our partner vets ($200 to $300)
  • Vet visits on any dog needing routine care or any dog that may have been showing symptoms of illness while in our foster care program ($80 to $infinity!). AZBR makes an effort to care for all beagles brought into the rescue no matter the illness and cost to treat.
  • Training assistance from a professional trainer (Invaluable)
  • Peace of mind that AZBR has done our best to evaluate each foster beagle while in our care, and AZBR will be as thorough as possible about each dog's personality and any health issues if known (An exceptional and consistent approach)
  • Consistent breed education (Always helpful)
  • AZBR Beagle event notification via AZBR Alumni & Friends Yahoo group! Multiple events throughout the year to bring your beagle to (Priceless)

Minimum Adoption Requirements Include:

  • A loving home environment where animal companions are treated as members of the family
  • A full fenced, secured yard or approved alternative plan
  • Access to an air-conditioned home environment
  • Arizona Beagle Rescue approves applications from apartment residents on a case by case basis. We believe that an apartment home can be a fine home for one of our beagles, BUT not just any beagle. We are very careful about which dog we place in apartment style living. A young beagle can become very vocal and destructive if left in a small area without access to the outdoors. We will only place an older beagle who is calm and has the personality to enjoy the confines of an apartment without a problem. Beagles are very active, even in their older years, so any apartment approved family would be required to walk their beagle on a daily basis for their welfare and well-being. We will require a landlord letter stating that they are allowing you to adopt a beagle from AZBR prior to your home visit being scheduled. If you are an apartment renter and want to adopt an older beagle who we can recommend for your apartment living, then please feel free to submit an application.

Not ready to adopt?

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Our goal is to find a loving, prepared and permanent home for each dog we place.

Please give a homeless Beagle a new leash on life!