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We are dedicated to finding a home for every beagle. 
Each donation helps make this a reality.

Dear AZBR Supporter,

It's been a busy summer! More beagles have shown up in Arizona's shelters in the last few months than any time we can remember. And every day we are asked to take in dogs who have been abandoned or neglected or whose owners can no longer care for them.

So far this year we've saved ​94 wonderful beagles and gotten them ready for their new forever homes. But saving all of these lives has come at a cost. AZBR
's funds have been severely depleted
 by this summer's vet bills. Our resources are so low that we are temporarily limiting vet visits and
​medical procedures for foster dogs. We may also have to limit intake ​of new dogs until the financial situation improves.

How can you help? Here's how:

Donations: Every dollar you're able to give goes directly to the medical needs of these wonderful dogs and prepares them for adoption. And donating to AZBR is a great way to 'pay forward' the happiness you get from your own beagle. You can ​mail a check (payable to Arizona Beagle Rescue) to: P.O. Box 61193, Phoenix AZ 85082-1193, donate to the general fund 
through PayPal or to ​medical campaigns for specific dogs ​such as the three emergencies we had recently:

Benjamins for Buddy Adams

Ante Up for Arnie
Kokonuts for Kona

Grocery store rewards: Is your Fry's ​Food and Drug card linked to benefit Arizona Beagle Rescue when you shop for groceries? Last quarter we received $​630 from Fry's. Read more about this HERE.

AZBR Coin Banks: Do you own or know a local business that will let us place our cute little heart coin banks near their cash registers? If so, please contact today!
Holiday Gift Wrapping: Last year we raised an amazing $4,0​00+ through wrapping holiday presents at Barnes and Noble locations throughout the valley. It's a fun and easy way to help the dogs. The schedule of available shifts will be out soon. Please help when you can.

As always, no beagle would get saved without the active support and hard work of every donor, foster, and volunteer who makes AZBR happen. We truly appreciate your help and your compassion for Arizona's beagles. Thank you for your time.

The Board of Directors
Arizona Beagle Rescue

Celebrate AZBR's Spectacular Seniors
with our extended adoption special!!

Adoption fees are being waived ($0*) for all senior beagles
(9 years of age and older) for the REMAINDER OF 2014
(March-December), thanks to a very generous beagle-lover who has offered to sponsor all senior beagle adoptions
through the end of the year!!!

*$20 microchipping fee will still be required

Exciting news!!
19 senior beagles have found their forever homes since Ma
rch of this year when the Spectacular Seniors Adoption Special started! Arrroooooo!!

Click HERE to view a printable flyer with all the details.

Beagles of all ages deserve a 2nd chance. Older dogs are patient, loving and true companions. By adopting a senior beagle, you are helping to make two dreams come true - yours and his or hers! Please consider adopting a senior beagle today!

Click HERE to learn more about the many benefits of adopting a senior dog.

Please select each photo below to learn more about AZBR's spectacular seniors...

Amy Lynn


Duchess Yuma

Big Buster











Charlie Colorado

Izzy Belle


Sydney Boy


AZBR is in desperate need of loving foster homes. We have beagles coming to us from the shelter's e-lists, owner releases, and all sorts of other places regularly. We often have beagles in boarding that need the attention they would receive in a home. 
We could also benefit from foster homes that have no other dogs for a couple of the beagles in our care.
Please help us place all our beagles in temporary homes until they find their forever homes!

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AZBR would like to thank our Sponsors and Partners for all their support!!!
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Walk, Run, Hike, or Bike for an AZBR beagle!

The Animal Rescuers is a web based series about animals and those who save them.

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