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Support a Beagle in Medical Crisis

Some of our Arizona Beagle Rescue fosters are on "medical leave". Meaning they cannot be put up for adoption until their medical conditions are given proper attention. It takes medication, surgery, physical therapy and sometimes, a long retraining and recovery time before they can be medically cleared and available for adoption.

Wolfgang is one of those beagles.

The cost of some of the food, medications and surgeries can be extensive and at times, AZBR does not have enough funds to cover the charges right away.

This is where we need YOUR help! Your donation helps us fill in the medical gaps where and when needed. It also helps us raise the funds needed ahead for non-life threatening treatments.

Thank you for your contribution and generous heart.

Meet Wolfgang

Hi my name is Wolfgang.

I don’t know about you, but I’m happy for the cooler temps as I’m not quite ready for bathing suit season.

But it’s not my fault. You see I stumbled on some bad luck. It seems as though I haven’t been getting my thyroid meds and maybe too much kibble.

Please join me on my weight loss journey.

These nice people I’m staying with promised me that soon I will be a lean mean sexy beagle machine!

Wolfgang's notariety has grown worldwide

The Dodo: Obese Beagle Is On Weight-Loss Journey To Drop 60 Pounds

His foster mom's going on a diet with him!


PUBLISHED ON 06/12/2019

A homeless beagle named Wolfgang is always in good spirits — even if he can't do a lot of the things other dogs can do.

Wolfgang is over 60 pounds overweight. He should weigh around 23 pounds. Instead, he weighs nearly 90.

No one knows exactly how Wolfgang's weight got so out of control.

"We do not know anything regarding the circumstances as to why he was at the shelter," Erin McManis, a foster with Arizona Beagle Rescue, told The Dodo, "but the shelter initially found him as a stray. Arizona Beagle Rescue decided to spring him from the shelter and my husband (Chad Schatz) and I became his foster parents."

Even ending up in a crowded shelter didn't put a damper on Wolfgang's innate positivity. When his foster family took him to their house where two other rescue dogs live, Wolfgang happily made himself at home.

And even though he's too rotund to do much, Wolfgang loves to lie on his back in the yard, sunbathing and staring at Fred and Andre, his foster brothers who were both adopted from Arizona Beagle Rescue.

Wolfgang's foster family sees just what a special guy he is and are determined to help him lose weight and eventually find a home.

Wolfgang is now on a special diet of 600 calories a day, which a veterinarian recommended. "I cook him a combination of lean turkey meat and lots of green veggies (green beans, broccoli, spinach, etc.)," McManis said, adding that Wolfgang has a thyroid condition and is taking medication to help get that under control, as well as a vitamin supplement to keep him healthy.

Of course, eating healthy is only part of the plan — Wolfgang is also getting a good amount of exercise. McManis is even helping him swim around in their pool, in addition to taking regular walks.

"I was concerned he would act really hungry on the new diet," McManis said, but Wolfgang surprised everyone with how upbeat he is. "He seems to love his foster home and his diet/exercise plan. He is a very happy dog."

This isn't the family's first time helping a dog with weight problems — and this gives them hope for Wolfgang.

"When we adopted Andre he weighed about 68 pounds and now he is 23 pounds," McManis said. "We have had experience before helping overweight dogs, so we are confident we can help Wolfgang."

McManis decided to join Wolfgang in solidarity, committing to a low-carb diet herself and starting a Facebook page to chronicle their progress. She said the whole thing would be "more fun if we were doing it together."

Wolfgang will be up for adoption once he makes sufficient progress on his diet to ensure he's his usual happy self, and also healthy, when he makes that transition.

You can thank Arizona Beagle Rescue for helping Wolfgang by making a donation to their lifesaving work.

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Right This Minute

Wolfgang the beagle is very overweight, but he's on a diet and exercise plan to lose those extra pounds. With the help of his foster family and Arizona Beagle Rescue, he's already made some progress. He's still got a ways to go, but he seems to be staying in good spirits while shedding the weight. Keep it up, Wolfgang! We believe in you!

Posted: 6/17/19 05:01 AM MST

'Weight loss with Wolfgang' - Obese beagle in Phoenix goes on doggie diet

PHOENIX, AZ (3TV/CBS5) -- Beagles are not supposed to weigh 88 pounds.

But that's the current weight of this sweet pup, Wolfgang.

[WATCH: Wolfgang takes on epic weight-loss journey]

The beagle was rescued from a shelter on May 17, 2019, by Arizona Beagle Rescue, where he had been surrendered by a previous owner.

At the time, he weighed a whopping 89 pounds. The poor pup (who also has a thyroid condition) had obviously been overfed, under-exercised and was in need of a serious life change. (Typically, beagles weigh no more than 30 pounds, according to the American Kennel Club.)

[PHOTOS: Weight loss with Wolfgang: See his journey]

But Wolfgang is now on his way to a healthier, happier lifestyle. He is safe with his new foster family, and has been placed on a sensible doggie diet and exercise program.

[VIDEO: Wolfgang sticks to a sensible diet and exercise program]

He is also on thyroid medicine.

It's not an easy, or a cheap, journey to a healthy weight.

Wolfgang needs daily vitamins, thyroid meds, physical therapy and treadmill time.

Fitbark, a company that helps keep dogs healthy, has donated a "FitBark" monitor, which is kind of like a Fit Bit, but for dogs. FitBark devices monitor a dog's physical activity and rest levels 24/7.

Right now Wolfgang is sticking to a balanced diet, which includes a 300-calorie breakfast (lean ground turkey and green veggies) and a 300-calorie dinner.

His foster mom is even eating “low carb,” too, so Wolfie has a diet buddy.

His large size comes with other challenges. Wolfgang wasn't able to squeeze through the existing dog door. So, his foster family even installed a new, bigger door just for him.

[VIDEO: Wolfgang walking off the weight]

Support and encouragement for Wolfgang has been pouring in on his Facebook page. Other pet owners are also sharing stories of their own dogs' weight loss journeys.

Comments include:

"I love following his journey. That boy touches my heart."

"We are so proud of you Wolfgang. Your agility just gets better and better."

"You are a lucky dog to have such a wonderful foster family."

"Wolfie, you rock!"

If you would like to donate to Wolfgang or the Arizona Beagle Rescue, you can do so online. There is a donation tab and if you scroll down, there is a Paypal donation option.

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