About Beagles

Why Does My Beagle Act This Way?

Usually the answer has to do with the fact that beagles are hound dogs – scent hounds. This means they’ll follow their nose anywhere. They’ll follow it right out the front door and into lands unknown. They won’t even realize how far they’ve gone and by the time they realize they’re far from home, they’re lost. This is why beagles must be on a leash at all times – you can’t let them roam freely as you would other breeds. This is why a fenced yard is a must for a beagle and you must go the extra step to ensure that your beagle can’t climb the fence. A box lying next to the fence can make the ideal launching pad for a curious beagle.

Because beagles are scent hounds they can be fascinated with your dirty laundry. Sounds crazy, huh? It’s not. Your clothes smell the most like you and when you’re away, this can comfort your beagle. Beware many beagles have been known to steal and/or eat items of clothing!

Beagles are also chow hounds – they’ll eat anything and sometimes it seems like they will eat until they pop. This creates all kinds of fun when it comes to the trash can or food left on the counter. It’s best to have a tall trash can with a lid so a curious beagle can’t topple it or flip it's lid open. Many an unsuspecting beagle owner has come home to find trash strewn about the kitchen floor and their beagle chomping down on the leftovers. As for food left out, many beagles have been known to go ‘counter surfing’ so be sure that any food left out is completely out of the reach of your beagle!

Being hounds, beagles are pack animals. This means your family is your dog’s ‘pack’. And as with any pack, there is a hierarchy – the alpha on down to the ‘lowest’ member of the pack. Sometimes an unruly beagle is simply a beagle who thinks he’s the ‘alpha’ of your pack. It’s your job, through firm, but gentle training, to show the beagle that you are leader of the pack.

Beagles are intelligent dogs and, like all intelligent creatures, they can get bored – and destructive – if they don’t receive proper stimulation. If you have a beagle, you have to play with him, walk him and incorporate him into the family. A busy beagle is a happy beagle!

Having a beagle is a joy – with the proper training, love and guidance, Beagles are one of the best dogs around. If you’re thinking of adopting a beagle, please see the article Before You Adopt.

If you have a beagle question, please email us at info@azbeaglerescue.com.


Beagle Training 101

Do you need HELP with training your adorable, loving beagle? Sometimes you might feel like you are at the end of your rope, ready to give up on the furry family member, other times you just need a few suggestions on how to handle your new beagle after you have adopted from AZBR. A well trained dog will be a happier addition to your family. Below is a training partner AZBR suggests for all your furry family members.


Arizona Partnership K-9 Academy

We have an exciting partnership between Arizona Partnership K-9 Academy, Dog Days Doggie Daycare & Boarding and Arizona Beagle Rescue! We will be holding this group training at Downtown Dogs Daycare, an INDOOR facility in the heart of Phoenix. Now everyone who is interested can attend!

Class Information:

Our methodology incorporates positive reinforcement based canine training while establishing you as the Alpha in charge. Based on Alpha principles and as benevolent leaders we never use treats, clickers, or pain avoidance (e.g. pinch collars, shock collars, or prong collars) techniques in our training programs. We teach best practice behavior modification and training techniques while preaching the three C’s; Calm, Confidence, and Consistency when interacting with our canines. Training should be more than just teaching your dog to do “tricks” on command and is necessary to create a safe, respectful pack within your home. While this is a group class, we will be able to tackle any issues that arise as we will have 2 certified trainers (for a maximum of 10 dogs total).


  • FIVE 1.5 hour sessions of training for a total of 8 hours.
  • 2 Certified Trainers at EACH SESSION
  • “The Dog Redeemer” Book written by our Trainer, John Sievila

Charge for the class will be $250, and a portion will be donated to AZBR!! All Classes will be held at:

Dog Days Doggie Daycare & Boarding, LLC

218 W Vaughn Street Tempe AZ 85283

To REGISTER for our class, click HERE for our registration form. Spaces will be filled on a first come first served basis.