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Charlie Samuel

Hello my name is Charlie Samuel. I am a very handsome hound and very lovable, I love people. However, I do prefer to be the Alpha so it is important that I have a forever home where I am the only dog. I love to eat so you will really need to watch my weight.

My foster parents say that I am the counter surfing champion for the state of Arizona so if you are cooking make sure that you do not leave me alone with any food that is not being watched. My looks can be deceiving, I may not look like I can get up on your counter or your table but I can.

My foster parents love me so I sleep in bed with them when they are sleeping and lounge on the couch with them while they are watching television. I love to be around people so much that I will sometimes follow you around the house while you are doing things. I travel well, use the dog door, and like to play with toys. I know if you give me a chance you will fall in love with me!


Charlie Samuel

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